• "I have no limitations now!"

    - Elizabeth, a DISC Spine Institute patient
Where Does it Hurt?

Back pain can be caused by many things from sciatica to a bulging or herniated disc. Here are a list of conditions and their potential causes.

List of Conditions

Minimally Invasive

Minimally Invasive spinal surgery offers many advantages over traditional procedures, including outpatient surgeries, small incisions and quicker recovery time.

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Our Treatments

Dr. Mark Valente is an expert in as many minimally invasive surgical solutions as there are causes, and performs more than a dozen leading-edge procedures.

List of Procedures

Meet The Spine Specialists

Dr. Mark Valente
Board Certified, Fellowship Trained

Meet one of the most trusted spine doctors in North Texas, Dr Valente believes in personal attention and makes every attempt to help patients without surgery.

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Dr. Andy Indresano
Board Certified, Fellowship Trained

An expert at routine spine surgery as well as complex spinal reconstruction, Dr. Indresano believes that all patients deserve the utmost attention and respect.

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Rudy Enriquez, Jr.

A Certified Orthopedic Physician Assistant, Surgical First Assistant, Orthopedic Technologist, EMT, Hospital Corpsman in the US Navy, and Desert Storm Veteran.

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"My back pain is gone and I'm back to playng sports!"
- Valente patient on ratemds.com

Back Stories

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Patient Testimonials

Summers Story
Summer's Story
Elizabeths Story
Elizabeth's Story
Seans Story
Sean's Story
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