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Are There Any Scoliosis Treatments?

there are scoliosis treatments
What Causes Scoliosis A normal, healthy spine has some curvature to it. These gentle curves, which can generally be seen when a person turns to the side, “help the spine absorb stress from body movement and gravity,” said WebMD. But when that curvature is too great, the condition is called sc...Read more

6 of the Best Sciatica Pain Relief Treatments

sciatica pain relief treatments
You may be thinking to yourself, “It feels like a knife slicing down my leg,” or “It’s the worst cramp I’ve ever had,” or “I thought the numbness and weakness were bad until the throbbing started.”  Sciatica pain can express itself in several different ways, but no matter which sy...Read more

Is Degenerative Disc Disease treatable?

Is-Degenerative-Disc-Disease-TreatableIs degenerative disc disease treatable? Yes! Learn about the most proven and promising treatment options at the DISC Spine Institute.
“Degenerative disc disease” (DDD) is, admittedly, a scary term. No one wants to hear that they have a disease, even though “disease” is a bit of a misnomer here because DDD is actually more of a condition. But, the word “degenerative” really isn’t all that better, and those who receive...Read more

Text Neck Pain: 6 Ways for Relief

man on cellphone with text neck pain
The Washington Post cautioned that text neck or tech neck was becoming an epidemic back in 2014, and many years later, the problem has only worsened. We spend so much time looking down at our phone that it can cause harm and pain. You can keep that from happening with a little awareness, and fix the...Read more
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