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The Benefits of A Minimally Invasive Laminectomy Surgery

Dr. Mark C Valente, laminectomy spine doctorDr. Mark Valente of DISC Spine Institute

Minimally Invasive Laminectomy Surgery Benefits

You may be alright going with an unknown name when it comes to buying a pair of flip-flops or a bottle of hair spray. However, there are some things you can’t compromise on, like your spine specialist. With a nationwide increase in chronic back pain, If you are suffering from painful chronic back pain conditions like spinal stenosis you will want to turn to the DISC Spine Institute. Our spine surgeons are nationally recognized and you can trust your health is in good hands. A Minimally Invasive Laminectomy at DISC Spine Institute offers several unique advantages for patients. Our patient advantages have made the practice an industry leader in this and other minimally invasive procedures.

DISC Spine Institute’s Minimally Invasive Laminectomy 

DISC Spine Institute’s spine specialists are part of a select group of spine specialists who are excelling in this growing surgical area. Although minimally invasive is the fastest-growing aspect of the surgical realm today. Only about 10 percent of practicing spine surgeons have the technical skill and experience to perform minimally invasive surgeries. The practice is headed by Dr. Mark C. ValenteBoard-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeon and founder and Medical Director of DISC Spine Institute. A leader in minimally invasive back treatments and surgical procedures, Dr. Valente and his team are experts in Minimally Invasive Laminectomy giving patients the confidence they need before and after surgery.

At DISC Spine Institute, minimally invasive laminectomies are performed at a hospital; this outpatient procedure is done quickly, with patients up and walking out the door within an hour. Additional advantages of Minimally Invasive Laminectomy at DISC Spine Institute include:

  • Small incision—Minimally Invasive Laminectomy at DISC Spine Institute results in an incision that is typically only one-half-inch long. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing, but it also allows you to heal quicker because the possibility of scar tissue is reduced.
  • Lower incidence of tissue damage—Ligaments, muscle fibers, and tendons are preserved instead of cut.
  • Less operative time means less anesthesia and less blood loss—All of which contribute to a faster recovery and fewer complications.
  • You can feel confident —You know you’re in good hands!


The Key Difference of a Laminectomy Surgery at the DISC Spine Institute

It’s that last one that patients often rave about. The level of expertise and professionalism you will receive at DISC Spine Institute may be assumed simply because of their stellar reputation. Patients are often surprised at the superior bedside manner and a heightened level of compassion they also receive. It may be because it is hard to come by today—in any industry. Thankfully, this important benefit of a Minimally Invasive Laminectomy comes easy to the team because our spine specialists love what they do, and they love their patients.

Advances in technology and specialization by leading spine surgeons have made minimally invasive surgical procedures like laminectomy surgery a popular and ever-growing option for those seeking to end their back pain. Minimally invasive surgical techniques mean treating chronic back pain is easier than ever, with outpatient procedures, small incisions, and a quicker recovery time instead of a long hospital stay. If you’re ready to put an end to your back pain, contact the DISC Spine Institute, experts in minimally invasive treatments, the most effective medical procedures to eliminate chronic back pain.

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