About Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative disc disease refers to a disc that is simply wearing out with old age and it’s something that most people will eventually face. But that doesn’t mean you have to endure the pain it can cause.

The discs in your spine act as shock absorbers between vertebrae, allowing the body to twist and bend properly. The degeneration of these discs makes that kind of motion difficult and painful. It can lead to other conditions like torn discs, bulging and herniated discs, and spinal stenosis.

Road to Recovery

Dr. Valente will study your medical history. Often times, clues about your pain can be found if you’ve had any previous medical condition.

During your exam at DISC, we’ll collect your registration forms and other information. At this time, you’ll also meet with a member of the medical team to discuss your pain and/or other symptoms.

We will also determine if additional tests, including X-Rays or MRIs, are needed. Typically, Dr. Valente will order special spine x-rays called flexion and extension views to see if your spine is unstable.

After all steps have been completed, we’ll have enough information to completely diagnose your pain.


Based on the diagnosis of your pain, Dr. Valente will provide the best course of action to move forward. Surgery is only used as a last resort – we attempt to heal your pain using a process of non-surgical methods first, from medication, to chiropractic, to physical therapy or injections.

If these methods don’t work, or if surgery is the most feasible option, Dr. Valente will proceed with the most minimally invasive treatment possible. We understand every patient and every condition is treated differently.


Once that procedure is complete we provide continued recovery support with pain medications, muscle relaxants, bracing for support, metabolic supplements for maximal healing of bones/nerves/soft tissue, topical scar healing medications, and physical therapy when indicated. Our staff of experienced medical assistants and physician assistants will help guide you through the recover phase along with Dr. Valente.

Everything we do at the DISC Spine Institute is done with one goal in mind: To get you back to enjoying a life you deserve as fast as possible.

Dr Valente

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Dr. Mark C. Valente
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