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Laser Spine Surgery

Laser Spine Surgery at DISC Spine Institute

Laser spine surgery is one of the many in the latest advances in minimally invasive procedures performed by our experienced spine surgeons at the DISC Spine Institute. With a combined experience of over 29 years, our spine doctors are well qualified to provide you with expert care before during and after your surgery.

What is Laser Spine Surgery?

Laser spine surgery procedures focus on removing the source of sensitivity and pain by using a laser on the nerve endings and discs to relieve the pressure that is causing the pain.

Benefits of Laser Spine Surgery

  • Does not require general anesthesia
  • Performed in an outpatient setting
  • Minimal incision
  • Shorter recovery time

Conditions Treated by Laser Spine Surgery

Bulging Discs

Did you know the disc is 90% water and has a rubbery consistency? With time, age and wear and tear the discs can begin to collapse and cause a bulging disc from between the two vertebrae. The disc itself is innervated and therefore can cause pain. Often this is from a tear in the disc called an annular tear. The disc can also bulge back into the spinal canal or into the open for the spinal nerves. This results in a pinched spinal cord or pinched nerves. Bulging discs can take up space in the spinal canal

Herniated Discs

What is a herniated disc? A herniated disc occurs when the outer rim of the disc (annulus) weakens allowing the inner portion of the disc (nucleus pulposus) to push out. This can occur from a weakened annulus in younger patients from the disc being under too much stress or load from sudden twisting or bending. It may occur in slightly older patients from generalized wear and tear and gradual weakening of the annulus. The rupture in the disc will often cause extreme back pain. When the piece of the disc protrudes or extrudes beyond the outer rim of the disc it can apply direct pressure on the spinal nerves. When the disc hits the nerves it can cause excruciating arm or leg symptoms depending on if the herniated disc occurred in the neck or back. Often patients will describe a sudden onset of pain as opposed to a gradual onset of symptoms over months or years that is more typically in degenerative disc problems.

Spinal Stenosis

Stenosis means narrowing. In spinal stenosis, the canal through which the spinal cord and nerve roots run becomes narrow. This results in abnormal pressure on the spinal cord and nerves causing a myriad of symptoms including pain, leg cramping, numbness, tingling, and weakness. Often the pain starts and is made worse with walking and is relieved when you stop walking or sit down. When the spinal cord is being compressed symptoms may include imbalance or difficulty with fine movements of your hands. In severe cases of spinal stenosis, you may experience abnormalities with your bowel or bladder function. These symptoms from spinal cord compression are referred to as myelopathy and can be irreversible.

Who Should Perform Laser Spine Surgery

Due to the complexity of adjacent anatomic structures, laser spine surgery should only be performed by a qualified spine surgeon with intensive surgical training and experience. Our spine doctors Dr. Valente and Dr. Indresano with a combined 29 years of spine surgery experience.

Are You a Candidate for Laser Spine Surgery?

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