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Adult Stem Cell Concentrate Treatments

Adult Stem Cell Concentrate Treatments

Adult stem cell treatments are now the cornerstone of regenerative medicine and are being utilized to help treat back and leg pain as stand-alone procedures or in combination with other minimally invasive techniques at the DISC Spine Institute.

Stem cell concentrate therapy is a cutting-edge, advanced technique used by the DISC Spine Institute for chronic back pain and degenerative disc disease. This technique combines the DISC Spine Institute’s philosophy that the human body has the potential to heal itself, along with the most technologically advanced scientific treatments available in the world today. The technique promotes healing by utilizing your own stem cells found in your bone marrow. Your bone marrow is rich with stem cells that are immature and undifferentiated, meaning they have the potential to replicate and develop into other more specialized cells. By harvesting your own rich supply of stem cells from your bone marrow and then transferring them to the area in your back with pain, inflammation and degeneration we are jump starting and aiding your bodies potential to heal and replace damaged tissue with a new healthy version.

DISC Spine Institute’s Technique

DISC Spine Institute harvests your own stem cells from a small amount of fluid in your bone marrow. This is the most minimally invasive technique and involves simple needle aspiration. This is typically done with a needle into the pelvis area while you are either sedated or under anesthesia. A needle is then used to extract the stem cells from the bone marrow. Because we are only using a needle it requires only a band aid over the area and typically there is no pain from the needle draw.

Once the stem cells are drawn through the needle, they are run through a sophisticated and highly specialized centrifuge machine which creates a potent and rich concentration of powerful stem cells. This concentrate includes the growth factors and cellular mix needed to unleash your bodies ability to regenerate damaged tissue and stimulate the healing process. This robust concentrate of stem cells are then injected into the damaged tissue, jump-starting the regenerative process.

DISC Spine Institute’s innovative approach and commitment to patient comfort and safety drives us to harvest the stem cells in the most minimally invasive, technologically advanced and safest manner possible. This is leaps and bounds different and better than how physicians and surgeons used to obtain the stem cells and bone marrow twenty to thirty years ago when bone graft was taken as a block of bone from the pelvis. This used to cause significant post operative pain for years. Today, through the DISC Spine Institutes needle aspiration technique, you only see a band aid on the area and have minimal to no pain at the needle aspiration site.

Scientific Support

The scientific journal Stem Cells produced a 2015 study titled “Percutaneous injection of autologous bone marrow concentrate significantly reduces lumbar discogenic pain through 12 months”, which found that “autologous bone marrow disc injections significantly reduce lumbar disc pain.”

The study looked at 26 patients with discogenic lower back pain and found that percutaneous injection of autologous bone marrow concentrate cells significantly reduces lumbar discogenic pain through 12 months. It noted that, “All subjects presented a substantial reduction in pain” and that the “study provides evidence of safety and feasibility in the nonsurgical treatment of DDD with autologous BMC and indicates an effect of mesenchymal cell concentration on discogenic pain reduction.” You can read the study here: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/stem.1845/epdf

The DISC Spine Institute’s main goal is to help patients find permanent solutions to their back pain while protecting their health and safety. We support the use of BMC for our patients as an exceptionally safe treatment since it involves the patient’s own cellular material. This renders the infection rate nearly non-existent while promoting tissue regeneration with shorter healing times and reduced pain and inflammation.

Are you a candidate for Stem Cell Treatments?

At the DISC Spine Institute, we use the latest technology and advanced treatments to heal patients’ back and neck pain. Call us today to see if you are a candidate for these revolutionary stem cell procedures.

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