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Robotic Surgery

Robotic Surgery

An exciting new medical advancement is making minimally invasive surgeries even more beneficial for patients. The DISC Spine Institute is proud to announce Mazor Robotics Renaissance® Guidance System (MazorX). This robotic surgery using the Renaissance® Guidance System further improves upon existing minimally invasive surgeries in many ways. Major advantages of MazorX include: an accurate blueprint of the anatomy created in virtual 3D; a completely customized surgical plan before stepping into the operating room; and improved surgical accuracy—up to 1.5 mm.

By using MazorX’s proprietary 3D software, your spinal surgeon is better able to identify challenges and make any necessary adjustments during the preoperative planning stage of your surgery, instead of having to react in the operating room. Having a clear and defined assessment of the anatomy, especially in cases where the line of sight may be minimal, can reduce operative time and increase efficiency during this robotic surgery. Additional benefits to the patient include:

  • The smallest possible incision using a unique Skin Incision Tool further reduces healing time and dramatically lowers the incidence of post-operative infections.
  • Less time under anesthesia—More effective preoperative planning with robotic surgery can lower operative time.
  • Reduced use of fluoroscopy means lower radiation rates.
  • Mechanical guidance creates unparalleled precision.
  • Faster recovery—Minimally invasive surgery using robotic systems like MazorX promote a faster recovery. These fusions are commonly performed as outpatient procedures or overnight stays, allowing patients to return to work—and to a pain-free lifestyle—even quicker.
  • Reduced postoperative pain— Clinical studies show that smaller incisions, precision guidance, and reduced surgical time of robotic surgery can all help lower postoperative pain and limit complication rates.

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